The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media Workshop

Live Event // Gold Coast // Dec 2017

Get the latest up to date, practical information on what works and what doesn't work online. By the end of the workshop you will be armed with information and tools to explode your business in 2018 from an online expert with over 17 years 'hands-on' experience.


About the workshop

Whether you Love or Hate the Internet, Social Media and Online Marketing, it's here to stay and your business needs it, if it is going to survive!

When it comes to your business, you don't always need to do everything yourself but you do need to know enough so you can be Master of Your Own Ship, to Own Your Game!!

If you're not up to speed, you're leaving huge amounts of money on the table!

Author & Digital Marketing Expert Kim Atkins is going to share her 17+ years of knowledge & experience to take you through step-by-step what you need to know to succeed online.

Learning how to plan, build & grow your business the right way will save you thousands of advertising dollars?

If your business is not setup online
to attract free traffic (visitors) ...
You are missing out on

This is a must do event that you can't afford to miss!

But don't just take our word for it, see what others have to say...

"The Hub Site Formula"

SEO and Organic Marketing is not dead – it’s just evolved (Kim Atkins)

With over 40,000 Google search queries every second, it’s pretty clear that people are still Googling to find information, products and services. Facebook, with over over 2 Billion active users, is to big to ignore, this is where your customers 'hang out'.

If you’re not easy to find then you’re missing out on a massive source of customers.


Kim Atkins: Co-author of the #1 best selling book "Think Big! How To Thrive in Life and Business in a Rapidly Changing World" 


Paid Advertising VS Organic Marketing 

"Before I get started, I want to give you a top-line overview of how search engines and Social Media sites ie: Facebook, make their money. They need people to keep returning to their sites so that they can make money by serving advertisements, but if they only show ads then the users will stop coming back and businesses will stop paying to appear there.

Users are essentially the product. You can compare it to radio stations or free TV. If they don’t have listeners or viewers, they can’t sell advertisements. They aim to strike a happy medium between the main content (i.e. the shows) and the advertisements.

As a business you need to know how to get seen by those users!

Both paid advertising and organic marketing have their place, and this applies whether you’re talking about search engines and social media or whether you’re talking about television and radio.

When it comes to Internet Marketing,

Paid Advertising:

  • paid advertising is generally used for 'impulse sales' or 'interrupt marketing' and targets people who are already 'aware' 
  • instant visibility and potentially results depending on how much you are prepared to pay
  • you have to continually 'pay to play' if you want results. Stop paying and your no longer there.

Organic Marketing: 

  • informs and educates searches and visitors about your brand, products and services before making the sale 'engagement marketing' and 'referral marketing' and targets people at all stages of the buying cycle
  • refers to the process of bringing in non-paid traffic, including free traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo or social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • slower and more expensive to set-up but recurring costs are minimal and results are sustainable
  • generates recurring, targeted traffic to a page through a one-time setup cost, such as the time it takes to write and post a blog update.

When your watching television, are you more likely to pay attention to the show (the content) or to the ads?

A well-planned online strategy needs to incorporate organic marketing if you don't want to continually pay to drive traffic to your own website."

Of course, this is only the beginning, Kim will go through her exact steps at the workshop on how to setup your business online to take advantage of Free Organic Traffic and how to plan and create a digital hub site strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing



Kim Atkins
Kim Atkins
Professional Geek

Author; Trainer; Digital Marketing and Organic Traffic Expert
(Branding, Website, SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing)

Kim has been helping businesses with their marketing since 1993 & specialising in website development and online marketing since 2000.

To put this into context, when Kim started online:

  • Wikipedia did not exist
  • Google was just a baby
  • Mobile phones were 'bricks'
  • Social Media wasn't 'a thing'
  • and Digital Marketing? Huh?

Creator of 'The Hub Site Formula', Kim has always been a total techie geek and loves it.

Darren Bartsch
Geek Interpreter

Business and Custom Systems Relationship (CRM)
Development Programming Consultant

Starting out as a professional athlete, Darren learnt early what it takes to compete in a highly competitive environment.

Darren applied the strategies he learned on the field to grow and sell several 6 figure businesses. Then for 10 years, Darren ran a successful web design company, building 'traditional' sites but specialising in custom CRM systems. 

Partnering with Kim in 2015, Darren learnt "The Hub Site Formula" and realised that 'the old way' of building sites 'no longer worked'

He now applies the systems he developed to help businesses to manage customer and business relations 

Guest Speaker

David Finau
David Finau
Success Motivator

Business Coach and Creator of 'The Life Success Formula'


Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of December 9am to 5pm

Networking Event Saturday Night from 6pm

How to use the Internet, SEO and Social Media to attract Free Traffic to your business is a huge topic and we have a heap of information to cover.
We know how valuable your time is, so we have scheduled the entire event to ensure that by the end of the 2 days, you will have an actionable plan to
Own Your Game in 2018.

Save your spot

Don't miss out! As the Workshop is Free to Attend, Seats are Booking out Fast.

What We Will Cover!


How to 'OWN YOUR BRAND'S' search queries and position yourself as the Go-To Expert in your niche!


Using and automating Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn & Twitter


How to structure your site to attract free targeted traffic from Search Engines eg: Google, Bing and Yahoo


How to write SEO Copy that educates and guides cold traffic and converts visitors to warm engaged buyers


How to use Word of Mouth, Testimonials, Reviews, Joint Venture's


How to build an email marketing list for new and existing clients


Why you should build a community around your brand and how to do it


We'll share the same Tools and Resources we use on our's and on our client's sites

and whole lot more....

“I’ve known Kim Atkins for a number of years and always been blown away by her knowledge of SEO and Online marketing with her almost fanatical approach to keeping up-to-date with the dos and don’ts of the online world. Thanks Kim… You truly are amazing and so delighted with everything you’ve done for us.”
Andrew Kavanagh
Choices Media: Gold Coast
“Thank you Kim for your unwavering belief and support in us. We could not of done it without you”
Mike & Karen Gosling
Relationships Me: Gold Coast
"Kim Atkins SEO Goddess" It has been my pleasure working with you, I love your down to earth, methodical approach to helping me define my purpose for my websites, your understanding of how to target our Ideal Audience and knowledge of SEO is undeniable and astounding. Thankyou again you truly are my Online & SEO Goddess"
Sharna Mills
Sharna Mills
Online Entrepreneur: Brisbane

The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing

We Looking Forward To Meeting You, 
Kim & Darren