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Who are Kim Atkins and Darren Bartsch?

Kim Atkins

Kim has been helping businesses with their online marketing since 2000

She has been around since:

  • Google was just a baby
  • Social Media was even a thing
  • Digital Marketing was trendy

Kim has always been a total computer geek and loves it.

An industrial chemist by trade, Kim Atkins then went on to become a computer and database programmer and started helping businesses with their offline marketing in 1993.

In 2000, Kim moved from offline to online marketing, and started helping her clients transition their businesses onto the World Wide Web

In 2008, she single-handedly built a Motorcycle Sales portal which ranked on a par with Bike Sales (sister site to Car Sales) and outranked both the next nearest competitors at the time, Trading Post and Ebay.

Although hugely successful, the time commitment required to manage such a 'monster' was unrealistic and she endeavored to find a better way. And She Did ...

In 2012, after much trial and error, she perfected 'The Hub Site Formula' her Organic Traffic Digital Hub Site System

Kim Atkins says she is now fortunate to have a very successful business doing what she loves, helping businesses 'Own Your Game' by not only get found online but helping them also to dominate and succeed using her Organic Traffic Marketing Systems!

Kim Atkins co-authored the #1 best selling book "Think Big! How To Thrive in Life and Business in a Rapidly Changing World" along side Arnie Schwarzenegger and a collection of Australia’s leading experts.
Kim Atkins
Kim Atkins
Digital Marketing and Organic Traffic SEO Expert; JP (Qual)
Darren Bartsch

Darren Bartsch

Business and Custom Systems Development Consultant

Over the last 12 years Darren has worked with 100s of businesses, developing their strategies and implementing custom systems and processes that help them save time and money.

Starting out as a professional athlete in Adelaide, at 21, Darren became one of the first franchisees in Australia with Jim’s Mowing, which he sold just three years later for a very tidy profit. Darren refined and replicated his process, growing and selling a number of businesses.

In 2005, Darren began working with an international company handling their online business development, systems and processes.

The company had massive growth, over 20,000 customers and over 50,000 on their list in 11 months! But unprepared, they had no systems in place to handle the influx of customers along with constantly having customer service issues, sometimes customers waiting as long as 2 weeks for service!

Working with growing staff and customers in multiple countries and time zones, Darren was able to implement systems to cut down support related enquiries by over 60% and improve customer response time to under 24hrs which enabled the company to capably handle further growth.

Darren now specialises in custom database management & design, Web & software development, Ecommerce and video creation. He enjoys the challenge of getting creative to solve problems for businesses to get the best results.